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House Systems

The students of the school are divided into four houses with each house headed by a House In charge and a team of teachers and house prefects. The four houses are:

House Names Motto
Einstein House (Green) Follow your curiosity
Newton House (Blue) Genius is patience
Arya bhatt House (Red) Seeking the truth
C.V. Raman House (Yellow) Learning from the failures

House competitions and activities form a regular routine at school. Participation is encouraged through various inter-house competitions in creative and performing arts, literary activities, academic as well as sports and special assemblies, thereby, developing confidence in the members of the house to showcase their talents and abilities. A healthy competitive and team spirit is thus inculcated and encouraged in every child. Houses are allotted to students from Grade I.

Albert Einstein

Born: March 14, 1879

Died: April 18, 1955

Nobel Prize in Physics

Sir Isaac Newton

Born: January 4, 1643

Died: March 31, 1727

Nobel Prize in Physics


Born: 476 AD

Died: 550 AD

Indian Mathematician

Dr. C.V. Raman

Born: November 7, 1888

Died: November 21, 1970

Nobel Prize in Physics