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At our Pre School , our focus is to nurture children step-by-step with sensitivity towards their absorbent mind and stages of development. The international curriculum is in sync with the natural milestones of the child. Children grow in an environment that understands and responds to the unexpressed thoughts of children and cares for their uniqueness and independence

The Montessori Method is applied for complete evolution of personality. The ultimate psychic integration of the mind and the body is possible with our highly aware and prepared environment. All the aspects of Gardener's multi intelligence theory are nurtured and addressed to, in simple endearing ways.

The Pre School environment is a little more than home, where there are no "NO"s but a guided confidence of adaptation and mastery over the environment; where the emotional self of the child is understood and led towards joyous self esteem and adaptation to the community; where each and every detail of the set up has an aware purpose for the development of children and where each and every member of the school is a perfect role model in care and concern of children.

We treats Parents as Co-Travellers in this journey.

We invite parents to be a part of all developmental programs and share their ideas & views. Parents achieve milestones of happiness with each experience of their child's development. "Parentales" is one of our inspiring initiatives for positive parenting. Under Parentales, we conduct several workshops for parenting to provide proper awareness over the rising concerns for our children's upbringing under the current era.

"Oxford International School " believes that partnership with parents is very essential for grooming preschoolers in their formative years to become responsible citizens of the world. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach which lays emphasis on “Parents as Partners”; we have designed various interactive activities and programs to make parenting a memorable experience.

“Parents Orientation Program” is an important orientation for the Parents about their child's first school, its facilities, services, systematic administrative processes and child's records.

“Partnership Meets” are personal meetings with parents in order to appraise them about their child's developmental progress as well as orient them about the activities and events to be conducted in future.

“Workshops & Seminars” by experts address the core parental queries and worries regarding child”s holistic development and early childhood education along with updates and tips for positive parenting.

“Testimonials” are a descriptive feedback on child's progress that encourages parents to express their views about their child”s experiences at "Oxford International School "

“Ma, Pa & Me” are avenues for parents to spend quality time with their little ones during activities like making charts, rakhis, collages, etc which are satisfying and self-rewarding when displayed at school.

“Ma, Pa & Me” are avenues for parents to spend quality time with their little ones during activities like making charts, rakhis, collages, etc which are satisfying and self-rewarding when displayed at school.

These are the best ways of utilizing the utmost curiosity of children during their age. This is to bring your children in a vibrant atmosphere where they make friends, learn, enjoy and explore their new daily tasks with fun along with their friends“ OXFORD INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL” curriculum and activities engages your child with varied activities which provides him/her a wholesome development. We offer a stimulating and child-friendly colourful environment for inquisitive young minds.

Infrastructure :

‘Environs’ at “ OXFORD INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL” have colourful child-friendly interiors and furniture with an appealing ambience. Our preschools have spacious classrooms, activity areas and outdoors blessed with nature. Such ambience invites and interests the children to endorse our teaching methodology of Learning Ladder. The inbuilt model in our educational program facilitates our toddlers to show their learning in simple method. ‘Toys, teaching aids and equipments’ form an integral part of our child-friendly environs.


‘Teachers and Helpers’ are the primary care and comfort providers for our children. Our teachers and other staffs are periodically trained by our experts in the field of early childhood education. In addition to this, our helpers are sensitive towards our tiny tots to look after their every need. Allow your child to enjoy in our environment conducive learning